On Mon, 15 May 2000, Greg Lehey wrote:

> >>>>> Maybe the comitters ought to take an idea from many software companies and
> >>>>> contribute $5 to the beer fund every time they break the build.  Have it
> >>>>> all come due at the next BSDcon to fund a committer beer bash. :-)
> >>>
> >>> I think that we should make it $5.00 the first time.  $10 the second
> >>> time.  $20 the third time, etc.
> >
> > Or perhaps we should tie it to the time it takes the security officer
> > to fix...
> I think you're missing the point.  The intention was the equivalent of
> the pointy hat, just with the additional benefit that others might
> have something out of it as well, no more.

If the intention is derogatory, then perhaps an offender should be made to
fix 5 PR's.  Works around the underage drinking problem, too!  :)

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