Narvi wrote:
> On Mon, 15 May 2000, Paul Richards wrote:
> > The only problem being that at Desktop you can drop the $5 into the fine
> > box when you leave work but I'd have to walk down the bank and either do
> > a wire transfer or send an international money order. Apart from the
> > hassle involved there's the fact that all told it will cost me in the
> > region of $30-40 to pay the fine!
> > A nice idea but not very practical for the FreeBSD project.
> Just theoretically, there are e-gold and other payment things that are all
> that tied to things like 'geographical location'...

I'll tell you what.  If folks agree, I can add a SKU to my store for a
"FreeBSD broken build" item.  Cost $5.00, no tax or shipping.  You can
use a credit card (AmEx, Visa, MC) or send me a check.  (I'll absorb the
credit card overhead, hell, 2% of $5.00 is only ten cents.)  I'll stick it back
and when I have accumulated a reasonable amount (say, at least $50) I'll
send a check to Jordan.  Or if he'll give me a billing address, I could
probably just do an EFT straight into the FreeBSD Project's account every
time I received one of these.

So, does this make sense?  Or is it a dumb idea?  For that matter, the FreeBSD
Mall site could do the same thing.

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