On Mon 2000-05-15 (11:43), Paul Richards wrote:
> The only problem being that at Desktop you can drop the $5 into the fine
> box when you leave work but I'd have to walk down the bank and either do
> a wire transfer or send an international money order. Apart from the
> hassle involved there's the fact that all told it will cost me in the
> region of $30-40 to pay the fine!
> A nice idea but not very practical for the FreeBSD project.

The way I read it:

"If you happen to be around a bunch of developers, and have some extra
change, use the fact you broke world as an excuse to (help) buy them a
round of drinks.  Mention that it's because you broke world, and have a
laugh about it."

If you happen to be at BSDCon, so much the better, and may there be many
merry nights of drunken revelry.  It's team-building (ick!) in the fact
that it gives you an easy opportunity to thank the people who work with
you on the project, and to continue the pointy-hat metaphor for further

There is no obligation, nor should there be.  That's not how the project
works, after all.

Neil Blakey-Milner
Hacker In Chief, Sunesi Clinical Systems

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