On Sun, May 14, 2000 at 10:23:07PM -0400, Tim Vanderhoek wrote:
>>>> Maybe the comitters ought to take an idea from many software companies and
>>>> contribute $5 to the beer fund every time they break the build.  Have it
>>>> all come due at the next BSDcon to fund a committer beer bash. :-)
>> I think that we should make it $5.00 the first time.  $10 the second
>> time.  $20 the third time, etc.

Or perhaps we should tie it to the time it takes the security officer
to fix, either with his own patches or by inviting patches from
others, security holes that have been reported in certain libraries.
If it takes the committer longer to fix the world breakage than it
takes the security officer to deal with the hole, then the committer
may be fined.  In all other cases, the security officer can be fined.
At committer's discretion.

We can then add bonuses.  Say, for example, I fix someone else's world
breakage fast enough that they are able to avoid the fine, then they
have to pay me either $5.00, $10, or $20.

In cases where more than one committer was responsible, either
indirectly or directly, then all involved should be fined.

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