On 2016-04-18 5:09 PM, Nathan Whitehorn wrote:
I'm not so sure about these statements. Maintaining groups of packages
can be easier, but it can be also be harder. The goal is to find the
right level. And I haven't seen a case where an 800-packages level of
granularity is helpful.

Not to mention regression testing. The number of combinations of installed packages is going to be choose(1, 800) + chose(2, 800) + ... + choose(800, 800). And while some of those combinations will be non-nonsensical, many(!) won't. There aren't enough seconds in the universe to test all the viable combinations for one single release.

If fact, I would suggest a good metric for package granularity be based on the set of combinations that *can* be tested in a realistic timeframe for each release.


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