On 2016-04-18 8:17 PM, Alfred Perlstein wrote:
Can someone on the "too many packages" campaign here explain to me how
having too fine a granularity stops you from making macro packages
containing packages?

Because honestly I can't see how having granularity hurts at all when if
someone wanted to make it less granular all they would have to do is
make some meta-packages.

It's the *I have to put it back together* part that's annoying. I didn't break something that has worked, forever. It shouldn't be incumbent on me to un-break someone else's work.

Now if the system ships with each-file-in-a-package, fine. Just give me gross subsets that make my life as a sysadmin liveable. E.g., base POSIX functionality should be a 'group' package. And I would hope, the default installation package. I would go for the argument that, e.g., the dev stuff (cc, yacc, lex) could be split off, but at least include the headers that match what's in /lib and /usr/lib, in a compiler agnostic set. Since the point of packages is to allow for selections of optional software.


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