> Sadly the tenor and tone of the discussion isn’t one where progress is
> made. The tone has been a bit toxic and demanding, which grinds people
> dust, rather than motivating them to fix things. You might call it a
> discussion, but it reads to me more as a bunch of angry villagers
> the castle. No good can come from that. Tone down the outrage by a
> of 100 and try to have the conversation again.

I'm frankly perplexed by this statement. Its seldom I perceived so much 
sorrow and bitterness in 6 lines. There is no castle Warner, unless you
want one to exist, one where you can isolate yourself from the indentured 
peasants and anything they say. Beyond your thick walls you'll be well
every idea outside your wals will be toned down by a factor of 100 by the
it reaches  the lord, becoming total agreement with anything the lord

I cant believe I wrote this shit. But then again, I cant believe you just
what you did.

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