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> Another example is the autofs mounter. The prject was marked as complete
> by FreeBSD foundation in 2014. Last I tried it to autmount removable
> devices, it left directory after directory in the autofs managed directory.
> This is known behavior.

Yup.  The problem here is that it's quite hard to fix, there's a risk
of breaking existing functionality, and the problem is largely cosmetic.

> It also did not worked as it should ??? (show it
> manage removable media correctly ) changing CD/DVD media disks. Presumably
> In could have somehow manage it to work by making yet another scaffolding
> of scripts as a questionable glue between devd and automounters.  That if
> devd receives media change notifications. I dont know. If not I could patch
> the kernel, yeah. But it is just much to simple to not bother at all and
> use OSx. 

Huh, never heard about that.  I'd expect the existing mechanism to handle
that case just fine.  Could you submit a PR?


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