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> Yes, you are right it misses the media change handler  in devd.conf. 
> maybe it should bementioned somewhere in a man page if it is not
> already there. Thanks for the pointer.
> Anyway, if I would have written the system, what I would have done
> is to consolidate both user mode daemons into one and make this
> daemon a client of devd, fstyp a library, and handle all removable 
> media inside transparent to the user, without requiring any modifications
> to devd.conf, and without relaying on shell scripts. 
> Is there any reason you did not took this approach ? This is not
> criticism, I am genuinely interested.

One of the current shortcomings of devd is that it does not provide a good 
mechanism for other running processes to request notification of events 
dynamically.  Ideally, when the automounter daemon starts, it should connect to 
devd via an IPC channel and request notification of the specific events that it 
wants.  This is a known problem (which extends to more than just the 
automounter) and there are some tentative plans to fix it, but they’re not yet 
concrete and won’t be in 11.0, though hopefully will appear at some point in 
the 11.x series.


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