On Mon, 19 Jun 2000, Bob Bishop wrote:

>What's special about mounted devices? I'd prefer to see an eject command
>which attempts to unmount the device if it's mounted.

What'd be really spiffy is if when I hit the eject button on my CDROM
drive that whatever scsi signal that event generates, was intercepted by
the kernel and, provided the filesystem met the normal criteria for
being umount'd(i.e. nothing accessing it), it would be umount'd and then
ejected.  I know nothing about what happens when I hit the eject button
on a CDROM drive.  Anyone care to speculate on if that's a reasonable
thing to implement?

Brandon D. Valentine
bandix at looksharp.net  |  bandix at structbio.vanderbilt.edu
"Truth suffers from too much analysis." -- Ancient Fremen Saying

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