It seems Mike Smith wrote:
> > That's a cool idea, but unfortunately, it won't work with any hardware I
> > know of.
> > 
> > In order for that to work, the CDROM drive would have to generate an AEN
> > (Asynchronous Event Notification) and send it to the controller, which
> > would have to be capable of functioning as a target as well as an
> > initiator.
> Hmm.  If SCSI drives are anything like ATAPI drives (and here I confess I 
> haven't checked), the first I/O after the eject button is pressed will 
> come back with a marker (eg. check condition) with sense information that 
> indicates that a user eject was requested.

This is not true for the wast majority of ATAPI devices, they plain
ignore the eject button if the media is locked. The only drive I've
seen this working on is the Onstream ADR tape, which has a whole
palette of other problems :)


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