We've had a CDIOCEJECT ioctl `forever'.  Several drivers support
it, such as cd, acd, and wfd.  However, there are other drivers
that support removable media but do not support CDIOCEJECT: da
and sa.

Likewise we have CDIOCCLOSE which should cause a device to load
its media.

I want to add these ioctls to da and sa [1].  I don't like the CDIO
name, though.  I'd like to give these ioctls a different name.  I'm not
sure what header file might be appropriate for them.  I'd like to keep
the new ioctls binary-compatible with CDIOC(EJECT|CLOSE)-- i.e. use
ioctls 24 & 28.  

Or maybe I'm the only one who wouldn't like to invoke the name
CDIOCEJECT to unload a tape :-)


[1] Are there other drivers which should support media load/eject, that
do not already?  Do any systems have system-ejectable PC cards for
example (never seen such myself)?

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