> That's a cool idea, but unfortunately, it won't work with any hardware I
> know of.
> In order for that to work, the CDROM drive would have to generate an AEN
> (Asynchronous Event Notification) and send it to the controller, which
> would have to be capable of functioning as a target as well as an
> initiator.

Hmm.  If SCSI drives are anything like ATAPI drives (and here I confess I 
haven't checked), the first I/O after the eject button is pressed will 
come back with a marker (eg. check condition) with sense information that 
indicates that a user eject was requested.

> Then the controller would have to pass that back up to some process that
> would then unmount the drive, which would also give the cd(4) driver its
> final close and allow removal of the media.

That's pretty much a given part of the media daemon implementation, and 
really not all that hard.

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