Christopher Masto wrote:

> This is a plea for help.
> I used to have a problem with Gnome - it ate up all of my SysV shared
> memory.  My window manager (sawmill) 's title bars would come up blank
> because of this.  I eventualy found the "use MIT-SHM" checkbox in the
> imlib settings and turned it off, and the problem mostly went away.
> I have recently upgraded to Gnome 1.2 and it has come back with a
> vengence.  The checkbox no longer has any effect.  I have bumped up
> the amount of shared memory, but it all gets used, no matter how much
> is available.  It is driving me crazy.  I can't run other programs
> (samba, fxtv) because there is never any shared memory left.  Something
> is eating it all - gnome, gtk, imlib, I don't know how these pieces
> fit together or exactly where the fault lies.  I am desperately looking
> for a solution that doesn't involve just giving up this very pleasant
> and otherwise useful software.
> I have asked a co-worker who also runs Gnome on FreeBSD to check his
> shared memory usage, and it was fine.  The only difference is that I
> am running -current and he has 4.0-release.

Hmm, where my crystal ball... Aha, I see - probably you are using Xfree 4.0, while
your friend Xfree3.5*. It is where the problem lie (see below).

> I can't find any evidence that I am not the only person on the planet
> having this problem, but I am completely out of ideas.  Does anyone
> know what's going on here?  Look at this output of "icps -mbop", it's
> ridiculous:

Some time ago I've answered question like this, so let me quote myself:

Subject: Re: Shared memory changes in current?
Date: Tue, 06 Jun 2000 15:32:19 +0300
From: Maxim Sobolev <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
To: Alexander Sanda <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

"It has noting to do with kernel/gnome. XFree 4.0 is known to be very hungry for
the shared memory, so you should increase SHMSEG parameter in your kernel config
file. There are no guidelines as to what exact number will be sufficient, so you
should define it in experimental way. I personally set it to 100 (options
SHMSEG=100) and do not see any warnings anymore."


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