On Fri, 23 Jun 2000, Christopher Masto wrote:

> Unfortunately, these are my current settings:
> options         SHMALL=1025
> options         SHMMAX="(SHMMAXPGS*PAGE_SIZE+1)"
> options         SHMMAXPGS=1025
> options         SHMMIN=2
> options         SHMMNI=256
> options         SHMSEG=128
> I can increase it more, but I think this is quite a ridiculous amount
> of shared memory to be using.  Something must be wrong.

  I have recently seen the same thing with 4.0-STABLE and XF86-4.0. I
found that I had to up both SHMSEG and SHMMAXPGS. Specifically, on each
machine setting SHMSEG to 100 and SHMMAXPGS to 2048 did the trick. I think
that besides using many separate shared memory segments, the segments
themselves are somewhat large.

  Seeing as how XF86-4 is in everyone's future, is there any reason not to
nip these sort of problems now and up increase the default values for
SHMSEG and SHMMAXPGS? The amount of additional kernel memory required is
negligable for modern systems.


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