On Fri, Jun 23, 2000 at 02:30:42PM -0400, Shawn Halpenny wrote:
> I have not had any of the problems he's describing.  I have never modified
> my shared memory settings in my kernel config either.  If the problem is
> indeed Xfree 4.0, then I guess it must be a driver issue (I'm using
> the neomagic driver).

I think you may have a point there.  While trying to find out whether
XFree86 had an option to disable the MIT-SHM extension (it doesn't
as far as I could tell - I ended up editing the binary and NOPping
it out) I noticed that some of the code seems to be in the hardware
driver area.

I'm using a dual-headed configuration with a Voodoo 3 and a Number Nine
(S3 ViRGE VX).
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