At 3:18 PM -0700 7/5/00, Mike Smith wrote:
>someone else wrote:
> > The only time this showed up as problem was that when I reinstalled
> > the loader (and related forth files), loader silently was not able
> > to read /boot or /modules- the key word here is "silently".
> >
> > There ought to be a warning in loader(8) maybe about this?
>There would be a couple of ways to deal with the problem you're
>seeing (in addition to the very worthwhile documentation) -
>a) bitch if the loader.rc file can't be found/read.
>b) bitch in the BIOS disk driver if an illegal read is attempted.
>Both of these might have given you enough clue to help find the
>problem more quickly.  Any comments, folks?

Something along these lines might have saved me a few hours a
week or two ago.  I managed to create my partitions so '/' was
the LAST freebsd in the slice I was installing into, instead of
the first partition.  This gave me some weird error messages
when trying to start up.  In my case the problem was that '/'
started out past the 8-gig mark (even though the rest of the
partitions were all before the 8-gig mark).

I don't know how much work it would be to generate a specific
enough error message, but in my case I didn't realize I had
put the partition where I had put it.  I was getting some kind
of error message, but it wasn't specific enough to help jar
me into looking at the right issue.  Eventually one of my
friends asked for some disklabel info, and then we were able
to see where I had mixed things up.

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