> Is there a quick and dirty way for the label editor to detect if a BIOS is
> using LBA?


> This actually sounds like a setup in which the error condition
> should be alerted on placing / on a cylinder higher than 1024 rather than
> long after you can do anything about it.

There's actually more productive work underway to remove the entire 1024 
cylinder issue from the picture.  The set of systems where this will 
remain a problem is bounded and rapidly diminishing.

  The loader error might be a good
> extra, but the real place the user should be notified of the error
> condition is upon creation.  If the editor can't detect LBA, maybe a
> generic warning about the wisdom of root partitions above cyl 1024 on
> non-LBA drives might popup when root partition exists above cyl 1024 (and
> prepare for lusers who don't know what LBA is flying off the proverbial
> handle).

This already happens.

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