Is there a quick and dirty way for the label editor to detect if a BIOS is
using LBA?  This actually sounds like a setup in which the error condition
should be alerted on placing / on a cylinder higher than 1024 rather than
long after you can do anything about it.  The loader error might be a good
extra, but the real place the user should be notified of the error
condition is upon creation.  If the editor can't detect LBA, maybe a
generic warning about the wisdom of root partitions above cyl 1024 on
non-LBA drives might popup when root partition exists above cyl 1024 (and
prepare for lusers who don't know what LBA is flying off the proverbial

On Wed, 5 Jul 2000, Garance A Drosihn wrote:

> At 3:18 PM -0700 7/5/00, Mike Smith wrote:
> >someone else wrote:
> > > The only time this showed up as problem was that when I reinstalled
> > > the loader (and related forth files), loader silently was not able
> > > to read /boot or /modules- the key word here is "silently".
> > >
> > > There ought to be a warning in loader(8) maybe about this?
> >
> >There would be a couple of ways to deal with the problem you're
> >seeing (in addition to the very worthwhile documentation) -
> >
> >a) bitch if the loader.rc file can't be found/read.
> >
> >b) bitch in the BIOS disk driver if an illegal read is attempted.
> >
> >Both of these might have given you enough clue to help find the
> >problem more quickly.  Any comments, folks?
> Something along these lines might have saved me a few hours a
> week or two ago.  I managed to create my partitions so '/' was
> the LAST freebsd in the slice I was installing into, instead of
> the first partition.  This gave me some weird error messages
> when trying to start up.  In my case the problem was that '/'
> started out past the 8-gig mark (even though the rest of the
> partitions were all before the 8-gig mark).
> I don't know how much work it would be to generate a specific
> enough error message, but in my case I didn't realize I had
> put the partition where I had put it.  I was getting some kind
> of error message, but it wasn't specific enough to help jar
> me into looking at the right issue.  Eventually one of my
> friends asked for some disklabel info, and then we were able
> to see where I had mixed things up.
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