On Tue, Oct 24, 2000 at 14:56 -0700, Jordan Hubbard wrote:
> > [ ... NetBSD (or Linux?) like rc scripts ... ]
> So, who wants to do a proof-of-concept implementation for
> -current which integrates with our existing rc.conf mechanism?
> In order to obey POLA, we should at least have the separate
> scripts switch off the same knobs whenever possible.

I do.  As far as I understand the new scripts typically look
something like this:

- am I (the special service) enabled?
- is my executable present?
- is my config present?
- optional:  are my prerequisited (neighbour / underlying
  services) met?
- start me up, obeying flags if present

All of this is currently done in the monolithic block, too.  I
don't see the difference yet (except for splitting the logically
distinct functions apart into "natural" groups).

What's new is:

- include the general config at the start (and yes, in every
  single script -- but this should be neglectable in terms of
  speed penalty and makes them work separately, too -- which is a
  real big gain!)
- maybe include (source) some common code like
  - determining pids belonging to program names
  - starting processes in an supervised or backgrounded or any
    other special way
  - have some printouts, error level summary, etc

but I don't see FreeBSD having this level of "rc lib" as NetBSD
has in rc.subr or even RedHat has in /etc/rc.d/functions(sp?).
So only the sourced rc.conf (default and customized) remains.

The real new part eating most of the time to implement is the
shutdown path (which I understand to be somewhat absent in
FreeBSD right now, "kill -TERM everything" seems to do the job
right now).

> It's something I'd be willing to do, I guess.  I have some
> history with the rc.foo files. :)

Tell me what I can do to help.  I'm willing to contribute, too.

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