On Wed, Oct 25, 2000 at 15:17 -0500, Mike Meyer wrote:
> Gerhard Sittig writes:
> > What's new is:
> > - include the general config at the start (and yes, in every
> >   single script -- but this should be neglectable in terms of
> >   speed penalty and makes them work separately, too -- which is a
> >   real big gain!)
> This isn't really new; it's been nagging me for a while. Also,
> periodic.conf does this now.  I'm not convined it's negligible when
> added up over dozens of scripts.  I'm planning on taking some
> measurements to see how much this really costs. I believe I have a
> solution if it turns out to be non-negligible.

The "negligible" (you finally got what I meant :) comes IMO from
considering how often this would happen.  I really dont mind at
all if booting would take 10 more seconds or shutdown would do.
An hourly cronjob eating two more seconds (under heavy load) is
no problem at all.  And I feel these time ranges to be estimated
in a very generous way and expect them to be much lower in real
life.  I really would be surprised to be totally wrong in this
respect.  We're talking about "source"ing config and subroutine
files -- the shell text is shared and the script code (file data)
already in the cache, we just create a new process and allocate
data (copy on write helps here) and stack.

> > - maybe include (source) some common code like
> >   - determining pids belonging to program names
> >   - starting processes in an supervised or backgrounded or any
> >     other special way
> >   - have some printouts, error level summary, etc
> > but I don't see FreeBSD having this level of "rc lib" as NetBSD
> > has in rc.subr or even RedHat has in /etc/rc.d/functions(sp?).
> > So only the sourced rc.conf (default and customized) remains.
> Said solutions works shell functions as well.

When you're really afraid of speed you can always do what's
usually done with C header files:


When clearing the SOURCED_FLAG variable at boot's / shutdown's
end you aren't very confused later and who fiddles with those
variables at the command line by hand gets what he deserves. :>

> [ ... lib function and service script skeleton snipped ... ]

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