In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Nate Williams writes:
: > I'm aware that software was installing itself in /usr/local years
: > before it was installing in /opt. On the other hand, vendor software
: > was installing in /opt years before I ever saw it install in
: > /usr/local.
: Most vendor software I know pre-dates /opt, and installed itself in
: /usr/local.  I'm with Warner on this one, installing in /usr/local
: predates /opt by many years.  Before /opt, vendors always used
: /usr/local, or worse they installed in /bin and /usr/bin.

Yes.  4.1BSD, I think, used /usr/ucb for the hacks that ucb had done
to the system.  I had it in my path for years and have been
considering removing it, but solaris still uses it :-( (I have an
array of candidate paths for my path and only insert the ones that
exist from my .cshrc file).  System III with ucb hacks also had them
in /usr/ucb.  I forget which System that the 3b2s ran (I think it was
System V r1 before there was an r2), but they had the ucb hacs in
/usr/ucb.  I think that software packages built from sources installed
themselves into /usr/local, but it has only been about 11 years since
I last logged into a 3b2 at Wollongong so I can't easily go back and
check. :-)

Sadly, I didn't start keeping my .cshrc files under cvs control until
1993 so I can't easily check its evolution before then.  I lost that
CVS repo in a disk crash while not a practicing member of the church
of the daily backup sometime in 1999, so I don't have a complete
history between 1993 and 1999 (backup tapes have it up to sometime in
1998, but I didn't find those until after I started a new repo).

: > If memory serves (and it may not at this remove), /usr/local/bin
: > wasn't on my path until I started using VAXen, meaning there were few
: > or no packages installing in /usr/local on v6 & v7 on the 11s.
: On V7 (the earliest software I have), vendor software installed itself
: in /usr/[bin|lib], which is IMO worse than /usr/local.

Agreed.  The 4.2BSD and 4.3BSD VAXen that we had at New Mexico Tech in
late 1985 didn't have a /opt, but did have a /usr/local which is where
software installed itself.  We were at a university, and I think we
had local hacks to include /usr/local/bin and /usr/ucb/bin in the
paths for these machines.  As they were VAX 11/750s, we had no X
software since this machine predated the availibility of Sun 3/50
workstations at New Mexico Tech, which didn't arrive until late 1986
and weren't online until early 1987.  They didn't run X11 until late
1987 or early 1988 iirc.  And then X11's installation dir wasn't well
standardized.  Some software installed in /usr/X11/bin and others
installed in /usr/bin/X11.  Gosling Emacs was installed in
/usr/local/bin/emacs for sure.

I don't have my historic Unix version CD handy, or I'd check the man
pages from 4.xBSD to check, but version 1.1 of the hier(7) from 1994
              local/    local executables, libraries, etc.
but there also was a /usr/contrib for large packages contribtued to
Berkeley by outside parties.  /usr/contrib was, I think, invented for
4.4BSD, but maybe it was for 4.3BSD.  Without the sccs trees handy, I
have no way of knowing the exact details.

Looking at NetBSD's hier from the same time frame (actually 1 year
earlier in 1993) shows the same text.  The page itself is dated 1991.
NetBSD's /usr/pkg didn't get documented until 1998/04/02 according to
the cvs log and that was something that they invented at the time
because they didn't like FreeBSD's ports going into /usr/local.


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