> I'm aware that software was installing itself in /usr/local years
> before it was installing in /opt. On the other hand, vendor software
> was installing in /opt years before I ever saw it install in
> /usr/local.

Most vendor software I know pre-dates /opt, and installed itself in
/usr/local.  I'm with Warner on this one, installing in /usr/local
predates /opt by many years.  Before /opt, vendors always used
/usr/local, or worse they installed in /bin and /usr/bin.

> > : Rant second: FreeBSD *violates* years of traditions with it's
> > : treatment of /usr/local. /usr/local is for *local* things, not add-on
> > : software packages! Coopting /usr/local for non-local software creates
> > : needless complexity and confusion, which of course leads to needless
> > : pain.
> > Ummm, software packages have been make installing into /usr/local
> > since at least 1985 when I started building them.  no coopting has
> > been done.
> If memory serves (and it may not at this remove), /usr/local/bin
> wasn't on my path until I started using VAXen, meaning there were few
> or no packages installing in /usr/local on v6 & v7 on the 11s.

On V7 (the earliest software I have), vendor software installed itself
in /usr/[bin|lib], which is IMO worse than /usr/local.


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