> On the other hand, Applixware Office ships a precompiled package for
> /usr/local, and doesn't like being installed anywhere else. Which
> means I've got a couple of hundred megabytes being backup up for no
> good reason :-(.

I have it installed in /opt/applix and I dont think there are any symlinks 
anywhere in /usr/local for it.  It works fine.

The install logfile:
CopyFile: /cdrom/applix - /opt/applix/applix
CopyFile: /cdrom/axart/alphabet/a1.ag - /opt/applix/axart/alphabet/a1.ag
CopyFile: /opt/applix/axdata/axlicensedemo - /opt/applix/axlocal/axlicensedat
CopyFile: /opt/applix/axdata/eng/ax_prof4.eng - /opt/applix/axdata/ax_prof4

The location was an install question from memory.

This is version 4.42. Maybe Version 5 different?


(who uses /usr/local for ports/packages, /usr/host for handbuilt stuff
and /opt for really big packages that have their own internal hierachy
- I am so confused ;-)

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