In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Mike Meyer writes:
: Corrections first: The only place where FreeBSD fails to follow FHS
: (in my quick perusal of it) is in putting packages in /usr/local
: instead of /opt. You can't blame that part of FHS on Linux - I have as
: yet to see a Linux distro or package do it that way. No, this bit
: comes from commercial vendors, where it's also steeped in years of
: tradition.

Not as many as you might think.  /usr/local predates /opt by several

: Rant second: FreeBSD *violates* years of traditions with it's
: treatment of /usr/local. /usr/local is for *local* things, not add-on
: software packages! Coopting /usr/local for non-local software creates
: needless complexity and confusion, which of course leads to needless
: pain.

Ummm, software packages have been make installing into /usr/local
since at least 1985 when I started building them.  no coopting has
been done.


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