>  > We got old Mylex DAC960PD-Ultra-raid-adapter and have tried to use it
>  > with FreeBSD 4.2-stable and 5.0-current. Adapter is configured with
>  > three luns 5+5*9G, 8+8*9G (raid5) and 1+1*2G (mirrored boot disk).
>  > All 9G disks are quite old Seagate Barracuda 9 disks ST19171W.  System
>  > is working quite well but under heavier load we start to get scsi
>  > errors from luns.
>  > This is not so bad but 5-30 minutes after this command system will
>  > always panic.
>  > cd /uu ; dump 0buf 126 - /w | restore xbf 126 -
>  > 
>  > mode = 0100644, inum = 720391, fs = /uu
>  > panic: ffs_valloc: dup alloc
>  >
> Hi,
> I wrote about these problems two weeks ago.  After this we had done
> lot of testing with this system and last 4 days system has been up and
> running.  We still get scsi errors but it doesn't seem to harm system
> drives.  Panic problem hasn't appeared since we changed mylex config.
> Now we are running only 8 disks on two channels and one raid5 system
> drive on both.  Any thoughts why this works better than the old
> configuration?

I don't have any bright ideas about why this would be more reliable, 

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