On Wed, Dec 27, 2000 at 08:32:26PM +0200, Maxim Sobolev scribbled:
| "Michael C . Wu" wrote:
| > On Wed, Dec 27, 2000 at 05:57:19PM +0200, Maxim Sobolev scribbled:
| > | Motomichi Matsuzaki wrote:
| > I think that making this "hack" a russian/xxxfs port and I think
| > everyone can be happy. If you want unicode FS like this, perhaps you
| > can have a sysutils/unicodefs.  :)

| No, it's no way a ports- commit.

Thank you for the one sentence reply without giving any reasons.
As a community, I thought we are supposed to communicate.
I have expressed my reasons and ideas, and you return the favor
with an one line comment.  :)

There is nothing wrong with have a port install a KLD, vmware does it.
And ports/emulators/linux_base depends on linux.ko. 

keichii@recursive:/usr/ports$ ls japanese/msdosfs/
Makefile     files/       patches.5/   pkg-descr
distinfo     patches.4/   pkg-comment  pkg-plist
keichii@recursive:/usr/ports$ ls chinese/big5fs/
Makefile     distinfo     files/       pkg-comment  pkg-descr    pkg-plist
keichii@recursive:/usr/ports$ cat chinese/big5fs/pkg-descr 
This port installs two kernel modules, cd9660.ko and
msdos.ko, which will let users read Big5 filenames on
Joliet and VFAT filesystems.

Why do you think we did this?  You have admitted that this is an
ugly hack.  Since when did we allow ugly hacks in the kernel when
we can avoid it? Japanese/Chinese chose to do this because we
do not want dirty stuff in the kernel.  We have had this FS
support since 2.2.x.  

Please understand that we do not want hacks, and we certainly do
not want to be reliant on unicode alone.  We should never ever
assume stuff in I18N, and you are doing exactly this.  Have you
any idea what this would cause?  Do you know how hard it is to remove
something after it works for a while?  We do NOT ever want to have to
do legacy support in the future, because *you* want unicode and 
you want it now.  

In addition, this would probably mean laziness in the future to 
do this support properly.  In -SMP, they are avoiding to do hacks
to make things work temporarily.  Why should I18N do otherwise?

You can commit this to work with iconv() after iconv() gets in.
I would personally cheer you on.

I apologize for any harshness in the emails, it is quite hard
to express things without facial expressions.  I think we all
care about the project a lot.  Please be assured
that I mean no offense to you.
| http://peorth.iteration.net/~keichii | Yes, BSD is a conspiracy. |

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