"Michael C . Wu" wrote:

> As to the progress of iconv, we should have it soon, as soon as
> itojun and I work out how to import either the Citrus code
> or Konstantin's code.

As I could see from the CVSed Citrus code, it's a locale library rather than iconv,
and it's just got the stub calls of iconv functions. So I thought Citrus and iconv
complement each other and don't do the same. Am I wrong?

As for the iconv library itself, its userland part is complete. I'm really busy
these days despite Christmas and the New Year, but I expect to release v2.1 in 3
weeks with the following changes:

   * the two patches from ports will be incorporated;
   * a few charsets added (to provide compatibility with the libiconv port and to
     be able to use glib-1.3 with iconv - the only port still depending on
   * memory and file management functions moved into a separate file; then a
     kernel-side iconv implementation can compile iconv with its own specific
     memory and file management functions (from a different file).

I tried to write a kernel module, but I don't have enough knowledge of the kernel.
If anybody would like to do it, I am ready to help.


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