At Wed, 27 Dec 2000 17:57:19 +0200,
Maxim Sobolev <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Proposed by me patches is no way an official direction of the Project and as I 
>advertised are merely a workaround to allow non-English
> users to read CD with native filenames until comprehensive iconv for kernel will be 
>introduced. I would be glad if someone will
> replace my hack with more generic solution.

So I have introduced you Vladimir's and my patch again.
The patch was introduced to FreeBSD lists several times since Apr 1999.
Our patch allow at least Latin-1, Latin-2, Russian, and Japasese users
to read CD with native filenames also until proper I18N will be
Moreover, the patch already have KLD ability and easy extendability.
Your workaround never deserve of official audit in comparison to ours.

NOTE: Our patches is also a 'workaround', and is not based on 
      my "rough idea" proposed in this thread.
      NetBSD folks had already discussed on my patch a year ago,
      and I have decided that my patch couldn't deserve of audit.

Motomichi Matsuzaki <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
Dept. of Biological Sciences, Grad. School of Science, Univ. of Tokyo, Japan 

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