Is anyone working on the bridge code?

I've got a couple of things I'd like to fix in it, but I wouldn't want to 
be doing anything someone else already did.

My wishlist:
1) Better interaction with various drivers (like if_tap). For some reason I 
need to do a wack (undocumented) sysctl to make the bridge code refresh the 
iface list
2) Spontanious kablooies. After being in operation for a while it refuses 
to send anything through and doesn't spew any messages....
3) Improve documentation.
3) iface clustering/routing
4) spanning tree implementation

There's talk of a userland daemon for the last item. Is there such a thing, 
and if so, where.

If there's no such daemon (not even halfway done), what would be the best 
way for a daemon like that to interact with the kernel source? A device or 

Is there any bridging part of BSDi maybe that could be merged into our 
networking code.

Being used a lot in key networking positions FreeBSD should really have 
good bridging. I've heard a few people who tried it complain about the 2nd 
item on my list. Being an allround good networking OS this is unacceptable 


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