"Thomas T. Veldhouse" wrote:
> > Have a look at what you can do with netgraph first.
> >
> > Most people don't know what it is but it allows almost arbitrarily
> > complicated network topologies to be set up from the command line.
> >
> >
> Is there any reasonable documentation or a HOWTO on the usage of netgraph?
> I am currently using the standard bridging code and IPFIREWALL (ipfw) with
> my dc cards.  No problems so far - as long as I don't use DUMMYNET with it.
> I really wish I could use DUMMYNET as I need to put bandwidth limits on a
> few of the computers on my network.

man 4 netgraph
man 4 ng_bridge
also a daemon-news article on how it works.

Rate limitting is one thing that isn't there yet. If we pulled our fingers out,
I guess we would have ripped the dummynet rate limmiter out of where it is
and placed it into a netgraph node where it would be generally useful
instead of being hardcoded into one (sometimes useful) localtion in the 
netoworking stacks.

there is a rate limitter based on netgraph available from:

but I have not tried it.

I need to look at it again as I believe it has improved and 
may be generally useful.
When I looked at it last it was a bit alpha.
It probably needs rewriting for the new netgraph API in -current.

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