On Wed, 24 Jan 2001, Archie Cobbs wrote:

> Julian Elischer writes:
> > > Is there any reasonable documentation or a HOWTO on the usage of netgraph?
> > > I am currently using the standard bridging code and IPFIREWALL (ipfw) with
> > > my dc cards.  No problems so far - as long as I don't use DUMMYNET with it.
> > > I really wish I could use DUMMYNET as I need to put bandwidth limits on a
> > > few of the computers on my network.
> > 
> >  /usr/share/examples/netgraph
> > man 4 netgraph
> > man 4 ng_bridge
> > (etc.)
> > also a daemon-news article on how it works.
> http://www.daemonnews.org/200003/netgraph.html

A small addendum to the Netgraph canon:

Netgraph starts with a _clean_slate_.  If this is your first time, make
sure you define some endpoint first, then build on that.  You don't have
interfaces, sockets, nothin' to start with. Like a box of Legos and an
empty table. :-)

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