In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Alfred Perlstein writes:
: > Actually going from to{x<500} is easy.
: > Copy into /usr/lib/compat.  When the link is made to
: >{x<500}, that is the lib version number that will get burned into
: > objects.  After the first `make world', rm /usr/lib/
: If that's true it doesn't seem like it would be terribly hard to 
: add a check to the installworld / world target to check for cross
: version upgrades and do the magic (or at least print out those
: instructions).

Actaully, I think that the can remain in its place because
SHLIB_LINK?=    lib${LIB}.so
.if defined(SHLIB_LINK)
        @ln -sf ${SHLIB_NAME} ${SHLIB_LINK}

As peter pointed out, it is the link that makes it the


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