In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Dag-Erling Smorgrav writes:
: Peter Wemm <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
: >
: Except that we bump to 500 instead of 6, and back to 5 before

I don't think this will work.  It is hard to downgrade a major number
for  At least it used to be.

: People tracking -CURRENT will end up with a handful of different libc
: versions, but they'll avoid the pains we're going through now, and
: people upgrading from RELENG_N to RELENG_N+1 will never see a libc
: major version increase of more than 1.

I don't see why we need only an increment of 1.  What does this buy us
other than a minor warm fuzzy.  OpenBSD bumps libc bunchs of times per
release cycle (they are up to if my sources are current).
I've not seen it cause problems there.


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