Warner Losh wrote:
> In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Greg Lehey writes:
> : > Play the ball, not the man.
> :
> : I don't have an objection to the change, I was just asking.  And
> : "because System V does it this way" has never been a good answer for
> : us.  And no, I'm not picking on Doug, just making a point.
> I see no reason why the name can't remain portmap.

        My previous comment was mostly an attempt at humor, in case anyone missed
that. :) I have no problem with keeping the name the same as it is in
netbsd to make code sharing easier. If this were something that users
interacted with directly I'd fight harder, but as it is portmap is
basically always started from rc*. We'll have another round of pain from
people who fail to properly update /etc, but we have enough land mines
there already to make this point moot. 

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