:I hope you have commited it, or well soon, to -stable, as this one has
:surely been one to send many a young admin screaming from his cubicle
:yelling ``but it should work, it really should just work''.

   Yah, it's in just under the wire.   I was tearing my hair out today trying
   to figure out why NFS wasn't drilling through two firewalls to one of our
   exodus machines (for a /usr/src and /usr/obj mount).  It took about an hour
   to finally figure out that there was nothing wrong with the firewalls and
   portmap on the inside was trying to respond with an internal (10.*) network
   address instead of the external IP address the portmap request came in on!
   I didn't check first because I just assumed portmap was being talked to
   over TCP -- but it isn't always.

   It's exactly the same issue that nfsd had, but worse because various
   rpc related utilities seem to use a half hazzard mix of tcp and udp
   connections.    I'm really getting quite annoyed at the whole 
   rpcbind/portmap mechanism, it would be nice to see the world un-adopt
   portmap and just go with hardwired ports.

   I'll be able to look at -current's rpcbind this weekend.  Right now I'm
   trying to reproduce a socket related crash with a program Terry emailed
   me today, and there are two other people with 4.3-RC related crashes I've
   been trying to help track down over the last few daysd and not having
   much luck with.


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