>     Ok guys.  I just had to fix a problem with portmap in -stable related
>     to binding to specific IP addresses so replies to UDP packets come 
>     'from' the proper IP address (for multi-homed hosts).

This has been a problem with portmap for as long as I can remember (back
to the SunOS 3.5 days) and if you have finally fixed it WONDERFULL!!!

I hope you have commited it, or well soon, to -stable, as this one has
surely been one to send many a young admin screaming from his cubicle
yelling ``but it should work, it really should just work''.

>     Question:  Does the rpcbind program in -current have the same problem
>     or has it already been fixed by whomever you imported the code from?
>     (If it hasn't been fixed I'll be happy to fix it.  I'm hoping it has,
>     though).

Given the length of time that this problem has existed some how I doubt

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