Matt Dillon wrote:

> :
> :What do you think about attached patch?
> :
> :-Maxim
>     mmm.. I think it would just confuse the issue and prevent us from
>     being able to change the kernel default trivially.  99.5% of the
>     FreeBSD boxes out there are just going to want it to be on by default.

Point taken and issues fixed, thank you!

>     We could provide a commented-out rc.conf variable and support in rc
>     to allow the sysadmin to set it, but we should not provide a default
>     in the rc system or try to create yet another configuration file.  The
>     issue doesn't require that level of sophistication.

But we already have sysctl.conf and appropriate rc.sysctl, haven't we? What's
wrong with putting some useful payload into it?


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