On Thu, Apr 19, 2001 at 10:39:58 -0700, Matt Dillon wrote:
> :But we already have sysctl.conf and appropriate rc.sysctl, haven't we? What's
> :wrong with putting some useful payload into it?
> :
> :-Maxim
>     Let me explain a little more.  If it's commented out, it's fine.  But
>     if you are actually setting a value in there you will override whatever
>     is set in the kernel.  When people install new systems they do not 
>     usually override their /etc/ files, so an uncommented value will
>     set that default in stone and prevent us from being able to change
>     it with a new kernel rev.  This being a *kernel* specific feature,
>     we need to have control over the default in the kernel itself.

What about simple check in the kernel: if total memory is above 64Mb, then
enable this mode by default, else disable it.

Andrey A. Chernov

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