On 21-Jun-01 Dave Cornejo wrote:
> John Baldwin wrote:
>> Is this on -current or -stable?  If it's on -current, why did you ask on
>> -questions? :)  It looks like an interrupt problem however.
> When I asked on questions, I was of the belief that I had a hardware
> problem and that it was not necessarily a -current issue.  When I
> later went back and installed 4.3 and it worked I then realized that I
> had justification to post it on -current.  Hey, at least I didn't
> cross-post to questions, stable, scsi, and current! :)

Ok, sounds good, just checking. :)  Can you provide the output of mptable for
this box?  In the SMP case, -current does interrupt routing for PCI interrupts
a bit differently, which might be a possible reason.  Hmm, but you are getting
interrupts eventually it seems.

> I guess my next step is to try and trace through what's happening -
> can you suggest a good place to start (like a routine to start
> tracing), or is there anything I can do that might get more info for
> the people that know what is going on?

Actuually, KTR is your friend here. :)  Read the ktr(4) manpage, then compile a
kernel with KTR_MASK and KTR_COMPILE set to KTR_INTR|KTR_PROC.  Then when it
hangs, break into DDB and look at the longs via 'show ktr' to see if you can
locate any interrutps coming in from ahc0 or ahc1.


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