John Baldwin wrote:
> Actuually, KTR is your friend here. :)  Read the ktr(4) manpage, then compile a
> kernel with KTR_MASK and KTR_COMPILE set to KTR_INTR|KTR_PROC.  Then when it
> hangs, break into DDB and look at the longs via 'show ktr' to see if you can
> locate any interrutps coming in from ahc0 or ahc1.

Okay - fired up the box, built a kernel off of a 6/18 source snapshot,
and it hangs in about the same place - however what I get that as soon
as I touch a key to invoke the debugger from the console, it continues
merrily booting and I can't break into DDB until way past the
problem.  In my mind this kind of confirms something is busted in the

Tried looking back through the show ktr output and I'm not 100% clear
on what it all means - I guess I'm interested in the ithread stuff and
the only thing I ever see is swi6: tty:sio+ in the trace buffer
besides what appears to be normal process rescheduling (?) which is
mostly idle task time...

Do think there's any use to rolling my source tree back a ways and
compiling a kernel?

dave c

Dave Cornejo @ Dogwood Media, Fremont, California (also [EMAIL PROTECTED])
  "There aren't any monkeys chasing us..." - Xochi

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