>John Baldwin wrote:
>> Hrmm, perhaps you are getting an interrupt storm from ahc.  Ok, try
>> this: find the ahc driver's interrupt handler, and add a printf.
>> Then see if the printf fires while the machine is hung.
>Ok, I put a printf in ahc_handle_seqint() and ahc_handle_scsiint().

That won't catch all interrupts.  Most notably, you won't know
if commands are completing.  Command completions are much more
prevalent than sequencer or scsi interrupts.

>My current (freshly cvsupped sources) kernel with the printf()s in it
>is pretty consistent in it's behavior: with SMP it hangs soon after
>the 15 second SCSI delay and keystrokes will not cause it to continue
>to boot.
>The order that they print out on the screen is this:
>message "Waiting 15 seconds for SCSI devices to settle"
>(approximately 15 second delay)
>26 times scsiint called with intstat = 0x4, status0 = 0, status = 0x88

So 26 of the 30 possible target ID positions on the controller are

>2 times seqint called with instat = 0x71 (BAD_STATUS?)

Two commands returned status other than 0 - most likely "check condition".

>36 times seqint called with intstat = 0x61 (HOST_MSG_LOOP?)

We negotiated transfer settings with some devices.

These all seem quite normal.


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