> From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] ("Steven G. Kargl")
> Date: Wed 4 Jul, 2001
> Subject: diskcheckd goes nuts on /dev/cd0

>                          However, it seems that default
> settings in diskcheckd.conf that tell diskcheckd to check
> all kern.disks in system and setting diskcheckd_enable="YES"
> in /etc/defaults/rc.conf without a HEAD-UPS is somewhat
> alarming.

Yes, I thought this too.  Isn't this likely to do damage to some
types of media, for example Jaz disks which like to spin down most
of the time (and which aren't cheap)?

Also, it's pointless checking md devices...

What about stuff like flash RAM appearing as IDE disks?

> As a side question, why is diskcheckd even looking at
> at /dev/cd0?  From reading the man pages, one would infer
> that diskcheckd is intended to check for read errors on
> /dev/daYADA and /dev/adYADA and maybe /dev/fd0.

Just using kern.disks by default seems unwise.  Is there a way
to determine which devices are fixed magnetic disks?  (For SCSI?
IDE?  Other?)

I'd suggest that until this is resolved that the default diskcheckd.conf
not check anything; even just defaulting to ad0 probably isn't safe.



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