I'm sure this is pilot error, but ...

I updated a pre june 13th current to a july 3 current.
Ran mergemaster and installed /etc/diskcheckd.conf
without modification.  Upon reboot I saw 1000s of the 
following message streaming up the console:

dscheck(cd0): bio_bcount 512 is not on a sector boundary (ssize 2048)

Checking /var/log/messages I find (note date and machine name removed):

diskcheckd[213]: /dev/cd0 has 2048 byte sectors, may cause minor problems
/boot/kernel/kernel: dscheck(cd0): bio_bcount 512 is not on a sector boun
dary (ssize 2048)
last message repeated 3 times
diskcheckd[213]: error reading 512 bytes from sector 0 on /dev/cd0

Variations on the above 5 line fill that last 700 lines of

I checked src/UPDATING for a diskcheckd HEADS_UP. Nada.

Read the diskcheckd and the diskcheckd.conf man pages. So,
I'll "fix" the problem.  However, it seems that default
settings in diskcheckd.conf that tell diskcheckd to check
all kern.disks in system and setting diskcheckd_enable="YES"
in /etc/defaults/rc.conf without a HEAD-UPS is somewhat

As a side question, why is diskcheckd even looking at
at /dev/cd0?  From reading the man pages, one would infer
that diskcheckd is intended to check for read errors on
/dev/daYADA and /dev/adYADA and maybe /dev/fd0.


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