Steven G. Kargl wrote:

> Ben Smithurst said:
>>Steven G. Kargl wrote:
>>>As a side question, why is diskcheckd even looking at at /dev/cd0?
>>Because my only current system when I was writing diskcheckd didn't have
>>a CD drive so I didn't think to tell it not to check them.  Sorry...
>>I'll commit a patch soon that allows you to specify drives to exclude,
>>and the default config file will exclude cd*, acd*, and md*.
> Do you need to special case tape drives, floppies, zip, etc?  If so,
> you might want to exclude all devices except those that start with
> da and ad.

Actually, I think that it should exclude all devices except those 

specified in the config file... As in "check only requested disks"...

My 2 cents.

Antoine Beaupré
Jambala TCM team
Ericsson Canada inc.

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