Kris Kennaway wrote:
> a) libcrypt has been "reunified" for 7 months now; Peter did it last
> December.

Someone needs to tell my newly installed 4.3 system this.

4.3-RELEASE _did_ come out after that, right?

I guess this wasn't MFC'ed?  It seems to _still_ not have
been MFC'ed in my 4.3-STABLE (pre-4.4) branch, so I'm
guessing my example will remain true for 4.4-RELEASE and
4.5-RELEASE, as well, unless someone does something about
it before then...

> b) Regardless, I'm the one who was talking about making libreadline a
> symlink to libedit, I wasn't arguing against it.

Yes; I was just saying that (1) there's precedent, and (2) if
someone doesn't agree with the validity of the precedent, then
they better be prepared to invalidate it by doing all the
needed work to make it invalid: deleting all traces of it, and
anything like it, from the source tree.

-- Terry

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