John Baldwin wrote:
> 1) Implement probing/detection for PS/2 keyboards post-boot.  You can hack
> this by having the atkbd0 driver always attach to IRQ 1, but not create and
> export a kbd0 syscons keyboard driver until it gets an interrupt event from
> the keyboard.

This would be pretty easy.

> 2) Rewrite the syscons keyboard layer so that we don't have a primary
> keyboard that is always the current keyboard, but instead make it accept
> input from all keyboards currently plugged into the system.  With this you
> could go back to assuming a PS/2 keyboard is always around as a hack.

This would be rather cool, since it would let me dock and
undock my laptop or use an external USB keyboard at the same
time... I'll have to find some time to go to Fry's some time
in the next couple of weeks or so...

-- Terry

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