On 12-Aug-01 Terry Lambert wrote:
> Mike Smith wrote:
>> > :Finally, most keyboard/mouse/monitor switches don't work with
>> > :FreeBSD;
>> This is actually not true.  I'd doubt that you've even tried many of them.


It seems no one has investigated why we probe keyboards at all.  Maybe if
people would do a little research, they would _learn_ something.  Assuming that
we always have PS/2 keyboards present breaks the case of people who use *shock*
non-PS/2 keyboards like USB keyboards.  Now, I'm sure that you think that
everyone should use PS/2 keyboards and that anyone who doesn't is just absolute
pure scum of the earth, but I don't share that same view. :-P

Seriously, if you go up to a FreeBSD box and hotplug a USB keyboard (which was
_designed_ for hotplug) it will work just fine.  Now, there are a couple of
different ways to fix the problem:

1) Implement probing/detection for PS/2 keyboards post-boot.  You can hack
this by having the atkbd0 driver always attach to IRQ 1, but not create and
export a kbd0 syscons keyboard driver until it gets an interrupt event from the

2) Rewrite the syscons keyboard layer so that we don't have a primary keyboard
that is always the current keyboard, but instead make it accept input from all
keyboards currently plugged into the system.  With this you could go back to
assuming a PS/2 keyboard is always around as a hack.

Obviously Windows can handle USB keyboards, so why don't you put your money
where your mouth is and make FreeBSD work fine on hardware that Windows works

Patches accepted.


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