On Thu, 16 Aug 2001, Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:

> >Julian feels he has no avenue of recourse and gives up..--
>       if (!strcmp("DEVFS", "SLICE"))
>               return (ECONFUSED);
> Julian, you had four years, during which you didn't even manage to
> make half of the commits made to the DEVFS code during that period.
> If it is to be counted as my only achivement on -core that I timed
> out SLICE and DEVFS, I'll still be proud of what I did there.

        Umm, your timeouts are very strange - you're timed out too quickly
in my case. Of course, you're talked something about that GEOM stuff will
be committed in July (of 2000) and it needs devfs. But we didn't see it
even now. Well, I'm don't mind about waste of my time spent on a design of
new devfs. But one can make corresponding conclusions about your
"timeouts" ...

Boris Popov

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