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lian Elischer writes:

>> A quick script run on the cvs tree paints this picture of number
>> of commits to src/sys/miscfs/devfs per year:
>>              julian          phk             other
>>      1995    56               3              15
>>      1996    20              10              43
>>      1997    21              13              16
>>      1998    15               2              24
>--at this point SOS and PHK delete half of devfs... Both are in core..
>Julian feels he has no avenue of recourse and gives up..--

        if (!strcmp("DEVFS", "SLICE"))
                return (ECONFUSED);

Julian, you had four years, during which you didn't even manage to
make half of the commits made to the DEVFS code during that period.

If it is to be counted as my only achivement on -core that I timed
out SLICE and DEVFS, I'll still be proud of what I did there.

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